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Below are a couple of pix of us from one of our past yoga retreats in Italy.

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Our teachers:

Michele Jones is an Acupuncturist who has done Ashtanga Yoga since 1996.  She loves the practice of yoga and all its benefits.  She brings to her classes the skill and fun that she experiences with her teachers...primarily Nancy Gilgoff and Danny Paradise. See photos of Michi below, in a couple of beautiful asanas.

Brandon Jones is an artist by trade who has practised Ashtanga Yoga for since 1999. His teaching style reflects his gentle, caring nature and demonstrates his adept hands-on healing abilities.

Michele and Brandon are joyfully married on the lush East End of Moloka’i.  They are happy to share yoga and Chinese Medicine with those in their community and all over the world.

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Contact us at molokaiwellness@gmail.com or 808-553-3930 for your treatments.

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